Monday, December 27, 2010

Inspiration For A Room Of 'My' Own

Sometimes we need to recharge our batteries and get a new view around us... that more reflects who we are in the present. There are so many inspirations around us and I believe in looking for those things that draw and attract us; moreover, it is those things that make us feel in an intrinsic way. Such occupation is helpful for us to relate to where we are in our own unique space. In fact, that is what I'm doing right now by collecting those pictures from magazines, the Internet, and books on design and art that appeal to me on levels of interest.

Color and texture always move me along with simple lines. Always, there must be the feeling of vitality and life (as in fresh flowers in a vase) or oranges in a bowl perhaps with cloves stuck in the peels for a savory aroma during the winter months. At any rate, it is what gives me pleasure this particular occupation and it is pleasurable to my senses and love for design elements. My own room has to be a big mix for what I am doing right now and that would be writing, drawing, painting, reading, designing, and at last sitting drinking some hot cup of java , tea, or hot chocolate before bedtime. Drinking  countless cups of coffee and tea are part of my day, usually...and I enjoy the aroma of freshly made hot anything (*smiles*, here)!

So,in this present moment I'm taking time out and collecting for inspiration and I'm sharing some photos of what is inspiring me right in this moment of time.
Photograph by Simon Mc Bride
from the book, 'Restoring A Home In Italy' by Elizabeth Helman Minchilli

Photograph by Simon Mc Bride
from the book, 'Restoring A Home In Italy' by Elizabeth Helman Minchilli

Cheryl Greenfield photograph

 Elle Decor

Friday, December 10, 2010

~The Oak Tree

This is a collaboration of two poets...The first ten stanzas are mine
the rest  in the last ten stanzas which follow are from a passion- poet who goes by the name, Gray, on Global Poets . Truly loved how this blended in form and imagery!
The Oak Tree
Oak tree how often have I dwelt among your extensive branches high
Or been near you to gaze at the ridges and bending every outwards upwards
Reaching towards the sky in different seasons bidding one to sigh
In awe at your tenacity, strength and journey onwards
Through storms of rain, wind, and hail your roots stay sound
Old hundred-year-old tree I see your dance in spring
In autumn’s glory, your leaves are solid as bits of new growth
Are ready to take their turn planted within the ground
Beauteous serenity gazing solemn in winter’s white, a large strong silhouette
Tree to embrace lovers beneath
Alternatively, families replete on blanket admiring your élan and stately elegance

Unyielding giver of life... sanctuary for nature’s variable nomadic immigrants
Witness how the masses applaud in wondrous veneration
Hark as all worship thy glory within magnificence
As supremely tall as a young childs imagination
As abundantly wide as a weary pilgrims travels
You, within heavenly starlight are revered
Mother earth’s divinity displayed
Grand orders asset of bountiful harvest
Mighty king of hallowed ground
Oak tree you stand proud... governing all beneath you
Seasons flitter by with destruction and regeneration
But here you stand... immortal combater of the elements

Cheryl Greenfield and  GRAY

Poem: "Beneath The Moon"

The moon appeared as a bowl dipped
A tipped over bowl amongst the stars
out of doors
early hours
distant sounds in the coldness
a door ajar

emotions pulled towards the sky
ink deep blue black splash on a canvas
outlines in silhouette ...  tree's branches
reach upward in extension
as if praying and imploring
exploration of emotions within the core
warmth, there
sinking below the surface
still in the stillness
emotions ameliorate

expressive of good intentions
misaligned dreams; still, the grander expectations
disenchantment, unfulfiled desires
responsiblity entwined
but mitigated
as the stars twinkle as cheerful winks
smiles across the universe

leap of faith in this moment
expectations like a fascination
dazzled and dizzy
surveyor of this  intense brightness
gleaming across the galaxies
in speed of light
flashes of insight
eagerness to embrace

arms enfolded around
my heart
breath catches beneath a lamp light
keeping the faith of time and place and moments spent
sparkling diamonds above
showering meteors descend
in bright flashes amazing

no time to be discontent
no time to allow pain to disengage
years spill over
as the shape of the moon dips out secrets to the stars
no derailment allowed in this moment of quietude
no meandering thoughts creep
just a vast sky of stars and flashing lights explode

a moon dipping

joyous moment of beauty in solitude
mellow musings within, melodic
melody of flowing rhythm
thoughts encaptured
looking upwards and dipped within
savoring the star studded dance
a dance of awareness
time and space caught in this brief sparkling moment
Forever a  momento of the heart
--Cheryl Greenfield

--Cheryl Greenfield

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~A Thought to Write About

There is a unique and beautiful bed and breakfast in our historical community that has survived over the years due to being aware of progressive knowledge and technology. Miss Pat is a southern gal who moved to the midwest and became the 'grand dame' of a beautiful Victorian home and later twin homes built early days (historic fort on the western territory of expansion in the early 1840's... of the period known as a bit pre Victorian... Actually, it is quite a story and her character and  her own individual persona is unique to the telling many stories... Imagine the stories that no doubt have passed through her home over the years. One such is mine in that she at one time invited me to share my art with forty-five Hallmark artists visiting for inspiration. Unfortunately, I could not attend that due to having been called into work. Still, she was willing back then to lend a helping hand... and I have a desire to share a bit of her personal and  fascinating story; moreover, I  am preparing to interview her. Gracious lady that she is ...she is consenting to let me interview her for a story for a blog that I will tell you about later...  Peacock feathers are a unique feature in her home or were at one time... Will have to find out if they still are part of the decor.  They rather represent a particular colorful beauty!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

And When All Else Fails...

Yes, when things happen
when all else fails
when people say things out of turn that seem to hurt
when eyes fill with salty tears
when yearning compresses the heart muscles
tightly and
feelings emerge
when one hears about a 'word' or 'words'
seeing the definition of someone else's view
their view and perception
for who are they so to define or really 'see'
it behooves one to shower with 'mercy'
forgiving others
and look at the earth and nature
around one to feel the texture
breathe the air
feel what is reality
feel what is there
who are they to define
do they really know or really care?

Green fields and green trees
verdanat growth of things
are still around me
surround me, still

I can reach out and touch
I can breathe in and breathe out
my lungs are healthy and strong
my voice can still speak
and I can control my words and tone seeking
to reflect my inner spirit
self of who I am
in the inner core

yes, I desire more
feelings of wishing
I had indeed done more
but that time is gone
in a mist

there is only now
and present tense
only my inner desire

my dreams are abundant and rich
there is still today
there is still now
there is perhaps a tomorrow
and I have to yet believe
in significance
and in beauty
and in peace
for if not that... then what
for all is so transitory
heart felt desire
true emotions


~Cheryl Greenfield, September 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

~The Restorative Garden

The inviting garden
awaits me
a paradise of exulting promise
the beauty of the  joyous earth
in all it's myrid of  facets
in all it's texture, color, richness

The sound of a bird calls to soothe
the beautiful thrush call 
the sense of smell to capture all anxieties,
 a balm of peace
lavender, roses, carnations, herbs of variety and hue
abounding outside my back door
armful of herbs to gather in a basket
texture ,spice, and zest to the palate
chives, mint, thyme, rosemarie, basil
pinch by pinch energizing the food
adding flavor fresh-cut herbs
fennel, sage, to later hang
as winter's bounty
or dried in a door wreath
for welcoming
now growing in the garden
started as seedlings on a window seal
tantalizing now in array of fragrence
a pique to the appetite

a garden of tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, sweet potatoes,
peppers, onions, eggplant, colorful array
gathered in a weaved basket
texture upon texture and color
upon color to harvest
to glean from in it's time and season

Within my garden gate
orchards of fruit bearing trees beyond
peach, apple in season
blackberries, strawberries, blueberries
all in thickets or in well placed patches
around the herbs planted
and wildflowers somewhat in abandon
flowers in array of colorful hues and petals
dancing in the breeze... soft colors of pastels
brighter colors of irises
roses, and tall stately sunflowers
in the open spaces beyond the orchards
a majestic vista above the horizon line
yet, secure is this shade and comfort
within the small extending garden
small in comparison to the vistas
a humble place
of terrace and a path
ever inviting winding through lush grass
invites bare feet to pass
cool like texture massaging weary feet
softly on the souls of feet, grounded
earthen pots surrounding 
full of daisies, pansies,sweet violets
ivy climbing an outer stone wall
where moss dwells in  plaster crevices
the path winds through my garden
delighting sense and sight
fresh air and sunlight
water replenishing rain
makes my garden grow
tools of the gardener are nearby
no weeds to mar the beauty
a wicker basket nearby for the gathering
while observing the honey bees
and butterflies touching delicate
areas and all the symphony
of movement of color and textures
a harmony of blending
bountiful treasure
seasoned gardener
awaiting the seasons
hardworking shrubs outlining the garden path
four-season shrubs
light, airy, and graceful
Amelanchier, cornus and salix
vaccinium, viburnam
near the glossary of roses
Hybrid musk, Floribunda that blooms
repeatedly tea-type flowers
Damask, gallica as heirloom roses
some in bush like abundance
other roses climbing
amongst the ivy arbors
garden sculpture that moss only dresses
green in a sublime quality ...a sense
of history and place in time
a woman gracefully holding a vase
grecian dress sculpted by the
hand of a master worker
the carved out garment
flowing among the verdant color
birds dancing in a welcoming
birdbath placed for their enchanting
a symphony to the ear
a harmony to the eye
in all the beauty gathered in the garden
a place of peace and a place of rest
Restoring the peace and tranquility of that essence
So, how am I tending my bountiful garden
how does my garden grow in it's four seasons
how comely are my feet within the path
 granting therein permission to partake of it's riches? No pebbles or hard stones
on the path permitted to hurt, tear, or scratch
Rather, a beauty of residual grace
seasons pass each producing it's own glory
availing myself of the rich bounty as reward
for all the  hard working endevors
extended in time used wisely and in tender care
a place to renew, restore, and to stare
at all the bountiful lush beauty there
the marvelous fruit and gifts therein my reward in graceful boundless treasure
of inviting  restorative beauty held within
... an ever restorative garden
-- Cheryl Greenfield, September 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

~A Quiet Sanctuary

A day of simple things
Artist supplies and a straw hat
A hot sultry humid summer day and an art commission
Sitting by a hidden pond
Hidden behind a clever house
Hidden among lush prairie grass
Among a variety of flowers
A scenic path encircled
Nature abundance in an enclosed hidden garden
Outlining a house built by an eccentric biologist
and his late artist wife
For the university biology department
A natural sanctuary of beauty small enclosed
Suddenly sitting there brow somewhat furrowed
While catching a line of perspective
A sudden rush and rustle in the grass and a slitherin
 into the lilly pad covered pond
like a Monet painting
Splash…near me a somewhere serpent
Sitting  very stilly I remained
Only later to observe two  wonderous delights
First two large red Irish setters bounding
excitedly in the pond
 and I laughed at their erstwhile antics
Sitting quietly
Watching , observing
Rewarded later
a gift flying in on the air
an entrancing vision
Two great white horned owls
A majestic couple
Wide expanse of wings reaching
Dove in flapping their massive wings together in unison
Beauty in out line and power of that intangible attribute
Attributed to owls… wisdom personified
In beauty and powerful wings
water splashing eveywhere
light catching the drops flying
I sitting in awe silently appreciative
Quietly transfixed
In this quiet sanctuary
artist astounded by nature and tranquiltity
in observation only
 a silent observer in reflection of  marvelous movement
 in nature
creatiion of a Higher Source of Artistry
Divine creation manifested in their bathing dance
I a lone observer of this  beauty
amazed at the equisite wings
transfixed  by this pair, obvious mates
in harmony
while I a mere passerby for a time
looking on silently
reflections of creation and the intense beauty
vividly imprinted on mind
and in memory
intense beauty of moving
serenity quietly observing
-- Cheryl Greenfield, September 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Autum's Finery

Artwork~Cheryl Greenfield
Poem by Cheryl Greenfield copyright@ September, 2009, 2010’s-Finery/

Poem~ Corn Cob Hill

~Corn Cob Hill
Perspectives and perceptions
Thoughts and reflections
Out of the intrinsic self
Inner seat of knowing
Or in the not knowing
All depending…
We cherish childhood moments
Child hood remembering
Wishing upon a star dreaming
Or looking frightened at a dark closet
Afraid some monster is hiding
Hovering under our covers
Convincing ourselves
Imagination and imagining frightful things
Moments of blowing bubbles in the air
Flying down a giant corn cob hill
In boxes because a grandfather encouraged all
Fun and courage in good humor
What a reflection retrospectively
Walking over a high spanned bridge high
Over a flowing river
Peering down at the rushing water
That same grandfather encouraging courage
Calling me, “Softie
Due to running fast and never glancing on an object
Running and not running in to things
Gracefully he said back then
Positive reflections and retrospectively
Amusing at all our antics
Motley crew of cousins, other siblings and me
Summer days and adventuring
Playing on a large cement stage the old
Running through the historical grounds
They were the Calvary and I the Indian princess
Where history of the westward expansion actually happened
Catching fish, tad poles, or in the case of my cousin,
Nicknamed, “Pancake” a giant turtle
The corncob hill seemed forty feet high in the air
Behind the old overall factory
Down the rail road tracks
By giant grain elevators
We sled in summer time
Boxes flying down a corncob hill high and flying
Intensely exciting and thrilling
Building intrepidness and courage and adventuring
We finished off the day of exploring
In the abandoned rail road cemetery
Old passenger cars and cabooses
Finally, arriving at the cool fanned drug store
Where allowed to read comics
Of adventure for two hours
Eating ice cream, or having a root beer float
While sitting reading completely free
My grandfather made some financial arrangement
We were in bliss of this moment
Dreams and adventures of youthful fancy
Hugging to self such marvelous memories
Built in character and imprinted graciously
In love of that time and that then, them, and that me
No obstacle too great, no dream too daunting
All and everything beamed possible
Ever grateful ever true
-- Cheryl Greenfield September 2010 @copyright

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ah~awe~ alt

Just the last few weeks I've had the most amazing responses to my poetry that has given me such encouragement and decidedly I'm in ah~awe~alt! Yes, that should be a for it certainly describes my feelings right now. Read a poem recently by Laura Schultz on her 'muse'   ( )
 ...and, yes, I'm smitten by a muse for one cannot not write when under the influence.... a writing fever?

Poetry is a way for me to express my inner self and to sort through the stuff life is and all the in between
the lines... Writing novels helps me to identify with relationships and take characters to places I've never been to as well... So in the now...I'm over the rainbow writing and feeling and sensing
as never before... it feels right and it feels good; moreover, it is a distinctly good place to be!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~A bit about me...

First, I have loved blogging since the late great 360 yahoo experience; moreover,   I was able to enjoy meeting people of all sorts there...which is very much a part of me... liking different cultures, learning about different backgrounds, and observing the lives of others through their own perspective.  It is an ever enhancing experience to familiarize yourself with things you didn't know you didn't know... (laughs, here, retrospectively). Just love people and history-- all of it. 

Second, I have found all the university hours accumulated over a period of years while raising four sons as a single parent taught me many things about myself...both weaknesses and strengths and we are definitely focusing on the strengths and the positive in this blog for I cannot abide in negative vibes for long without feeling I'm withering away... Writing poetry is a way I cope with and work with things on my mind and in my life... it is an expression of my inner self revealed in various ways.  So, you will be seeing  posts of poetry often, here.

Third, I'm writing a novel or two in the beginning stages. One is about my life experience with great wonderful grandparents and how they impacted and influenced both myself and my cousins-- we were a motley crew following a grandfather into adventures (part of the story's main theme and title of the book to be: Corn Cob Hill). The other novel is a regency novel based on that period Jane Austin masterly wrote about... my novel is for the fun of the romance and the fun found in love in that time frame with the values of that
period in the forefront.. a fun lovely write I'm enjoying. Jane and the Bronte sisters influenced me early on...Another great late regency writers was Georgette Heyer who wrote a favorite novel, "Faro's Daughter'.... (fell madly for that hero, aha).  Early on as a teen had read in serial form the "Mistress of Mellyn by Victoria Holt and was swept away by the mystery and intrigue ...along with the ideal of Tarzan  (the man of my dreams back then)...adventures in all the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs). Ahhhh, those men described in fiction making a young heart beat pitter patter faster and faster!

Fourth, I'm just me with all my imperfections and  abilities, insights and my own perception gained through my own particular unique journey in life always looking forward to seeing how things continue (*smiles, here).  I welcome you to my blog and hope you will find something interesting and a new way to see...

                                                                            Fond regards to my fellow bloggers!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doris Gallan

Doris is a new FB friend after I discovered her site on travels of babyboomers... aha... how nifty to know some of the upside tips of travel...  Have a look at her site...even if you are from a younger generation... there maybe something of interest... Certainly, it is a good read of the spirit of adventure!

Doris Gallan 

~My Place for Inspiration and Meditation

This is actually the park and my photos along with some music
that particularly reflects the spirit of my emotions
when going here to think, meditate, and pray...   One lone
great blue heron usually sits on the lake bank perusing the water for his next meal...
One day I happened to be there parked in the car and six other herons joined this lonely
solitary one for a display of wings so enthralling to observe only inches away from the car... how exciting for me... Then, all of a sudden they all took off with their massive wing span into flight
majestic...  Such moments are awe inspiring!