Friday, July 15, 2011

It’s Only Sunny Side Up for Sunnye

                        Sunnye Gail Bates

By Cheryl Greenfield, Photographer: Nv Photo

  “Sometimes I even admire myself for getting in the face of diversity and screaming "get out of my way...I have work to do"— Sunnye Gail Bates

   The word resilience is a definition for the ability to process adversity and rise above it or to rebound, essentially. Very few of us are dealt the hand Sunnye Gail Bates was given in extreme life threatening  health situations in youth; moreover, it is true very few of us could have handled it the way Sunnye has in all her reactions and continues to do  still maintaining creative energy and achieving success as an entrepreneur. In her own words she describes her feelings about her launch of her business after a severe health event and a recent auto accident:

I am a self-taught graphic designer.  I design and solder all of the jewelry in my store.  I also design and print t-shirts.  I screen print and digitally print the shirts depending on the customers need and design.  I started digitally printing shirts in September 2010 and by April 2011 I had enough business coming in that I had to purchase another digital printer!  My creative mind then led me to pillows, hats, tote bags, dish towels and much more! Even with a broken back and wrist and a left foot in a walking boot for 5 months, I've never given up.  I've continued to work, to design, and to be thankful for the creativity that I've been blessed with.  My mother has always told me, "believe and succeed" and without that upbringing I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

   Another important thing about her situation in life is that it is always progressive. This factor is evident in her products for her business; furthermore, it also points to her determination for the future projection for her store for she is always looking at trends and using her own ‘style’ as she went on to  sa“Love incorporating vintage int
o my products!”
Then, when asked about her inspiration and creative influences this is what she maintained had really helped her. "It is my family who is the greatest inspiration."

      What particularly inspires one about Sunnye is this fervent drive for her loved ones, her passion for her work and her love for life! Furthermore, it is very evident in all that is reflected in her approach to adversity;moreover, it shows in all her beautiful unique creations.
 Frankly, it is an attitude all of us can be inspired to cultivate! The fact that she is has survived breast cancer twice at such a young age is truly remarkable. In addition, right in the midst of her last illness she became engaged to her best friend and love, Randall Bates, whom she married recently in November in Montana. Her approach to love and to life is evident in her wedding photo as it 
simply radiates sheer joy.

   However, after this joy she came home only to be involved in the auto accident three weeks later that caused the injuries mentioned for which she has had extensive surgery. Still, while in recovery mode, she is rebounding even in the agony of pain from those injuries! More importantly she is presently expanding her business and finding joy in this creative process. Her business is being launched to hit boutiques across the country along with her new website.

   Her remarkable resilience and rebounding quality are seen in these words of where she is at in this present moment in time:

I have now hired a sales representative that is launching a nationwide campaign to market my products.  We have named the line "An Altered Ego".

When asked again about her key inspiration and why she feels she is able to be so resilient she answered with these inspirational thoughts:

My dad always taught me that nothing is worth having if you haven't worked for it...and I don't think you'll find too many people that will say that I haven't lived my life by those words.  I love my job and the work that I do.  I look forward to the growth that we are about to's truly a dream come true!

   Certainly, Sunnye’s dreams continue to come true in every respect in truly exciting and creative ways as she truly looks at life as only sunny side up!

 The new website is: