Friday, May 13, 2011

Poem: Inbetween

That place in between dreams
lightening storm and wind thrashing trees
glimmering of light
sound crashing mesmerizing activity of power
between wakefulness and stirring
...awe inspiring activity
wherein my mind encompasses breadth and heighth
width and extremity
heart, mind, self inward soul stirring
awareness, here
Glint of power and might
self acknowledgement of fragility
woven in threads of strength a fabric worn
by sheer tenacity
throwing heart and soul (self) to the leap of faith
a single glance, a single tear, a perfect place
between this and that place
balancing act of priorities and immensities
mitigated by knowledge intrinsically
awakening to replenishing rain
and stream of tear sliding down in humility
joy of resilience
earth embracing, prayerful intensity specific,

-- Cheryl Greenfield May 9, 2011
Photo credit google images