Friday, December 10, 2010

Poem: "Beneath The Moon"

The moon appeared as a bowl dipped
A tipped over bowl amongst the stars
out of doors
early hours
distant sounds in the coldness
a door ajar

emotions pulled towards the sky
ink deep blue black splash on a canvas
outlines in silhouette ...  tree's branches
reach upward in extension
as if praying and imploring
exploration of emotions within the core
warmth, there
sinking below the surface
still in the stillness
emotions ameliorate

expressive of good intentions
misaligned dreams; still, the grander expectations
disenchantment, unfulfiled desires
responsiblity entwined
but mitigated
as the stars twinkle as cheerful winks
smiles across the universe

leap of faith in this moment
expectations like a fascination
dazzled and dizzy
surveyor of this  intense brightness
gleaming across the galaxies
in speed of light
flashes of insight
eagerness to embrace

arms enfolded around
my heart
breath catches beneath a lamp light
keeping the faith of time and place and moments spent
sparkling diamonds above
showering meteors descend
in bright flashes amazing

no time to be discontent
no time to allow pain to disengage
years spill over
as the shape of the moon dips out secrets to the stars
no derailment allowed in this moment of quietude
no meandering thoughts creep
just a vast sky of stars and flashing lights explode

a moon dipping

joyous moment of beauty in solitude
mellow musings within, melodic
melody of flowing rhythm
thoughts encaptured
looking upwards and dipped within
savoring the star studded dance
a dance of awareness
time and space caught in this brief sparkling moment
Forever a  momento of the heart
--Cheryl Greenfield

--Cheryl Greenfield

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