Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ah~awe~ alt

Just the last few weeks I've had the most amazing responses to my poetry that has given me such encouragement and decidedly I'm in ah~awe~alt! Yes, that should be a for it certainly describes my feelings right now. Read a poem recently by Laura Schultz on her 'muse'   ( )
 ...and, yes, I'm smitten by a muse for one cannot not write when under the influence.... a writing fever?

Poetry is a way for me to express my inner self and to sort through the stuff life is and all the in between
the lines... Writing novels helps me to identify with relationships and take characters to places I've never been to as well... So in the now...I'm over the rainbow writing and feeling and sensing
as never before... it feels right and it feels good; moreover, it is a distinctly good place to be!

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