Sunday, September 26, 2010

~The Restorative Garden

The inviting garden
awaits me
a paradise of exulting promise
the beauty of the  joyous earth
in all it's myrid of  facets
in all it's texture, color, richness

The sound of a bird calls to soothe
the beautiful thrush call 
the sense of smell to capture all anxieties,
 a balm of peace
lavender, roses, carnations, herbs of variety and hue
abounding outside my back door
armful of herbs to gather in a basket
texture ,spice, and zest to the palate
chives, mint, thyme, rosemarie, basil
pinch by pinch energizing the food
adding flavor fresh-cut herbs
fennel, sage, to later hang
as winter's bounty
or dried in a door wreath
for welcoming
now growing in the garden
started as seedlings on a window seal
tantalizing now in array of fragrence
a pique to the appetite

a garden of tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, sweet potatoes,
peppers, onions, eggplant, colorful array
gathered in a weaved basket
texture upon texture and color
upon color to harvest
to glean from in it's time and season

Within my garden gate
orchards of fruit bearing trees beyond
peach, apple in season
blackberries, strawberries, blueberries
all in thickets or in well placed patches
around the herbs planted
and wildflowers somewhat in abandon
flowers in array of colorful hues and petals
dancing in the breeze... soft colors of pastels
brighter colors of irises
roses, and tall stately sunflowers
in the open spaces beyond the orchards
a majestic vista above the horizon line
yet, secure is this shade and comfort
within the small extending garden
small in comparison to the vistas
a humble place
of terrace and a path
ever inviting winding through lush grass
invites bare feet to pass
cool like texture massaging weary feet
softly on the souls of feet, grounded
earthen pots surrounding 
full of daisies, pansies,sweet violets
ivy climbing an outer stone wall
where moss dwells in  plaster crevices
the path winds through my garden
delighting sense and sight
fresh air and sunlight
water replenishing rain
makes my garden grow
tools of the gardener are nearby
no weeds to mar the beauty
a wicker basket nearby for the gathering
while observing the honey bees
and butterflies touching delicate
areas and all the symphony
of movement of color and textures
a harmony of blending
bountiful treasure
seasoned gardener
awaiting the seasons
hardworking shrubs outlining the garden path
four-season shrubs
light, airy, and graceful
Amelanchier, cornus and salix
vaccinium, viburnam
near the glossary of roses
Hybrid musk, Floribunda that blooms
repeatedly tea-type flowers
Damask, gallica as heirloom roses
some in bush like abundance
other roses climbing
amongst the ivy arbors
garden sculpture that moss only dresses
green in a sublime quality ...a sense
of history and place in time
a woman gracefully holding a vase
grecian dress sculpted by the
hand of a master worker
the carved out garment
flowing among the verdant color
birds dancing in a welcoming
birdbath placed for their enchanting
a symphony to the ear
a harmony to the eye
in all the beauty gathered in the garden
a place of peace and a place of rest
Restoring the peace and tranquility of that essence
So, how am I tending my bountiful garden
how does my garden grow in it's four seasons
how comely are my feet within the path
 granting therein permission to partake of it's riches? No pebbles or hard stones
on the path permitted to hurt, tear, or scratch
Rather, a beauty of residual grace
seasons pass each producing it's own glory
availing myself of the rich bounty as reward
for all the  hard working endevors
extended in time used wisely and in tender care
a place to renew, restore, and to stare
at all the bountiful lush beauty there
the marvelous fruit and gifts therein my reward in graceful boundless treasure
of inviting  restorative beauty held within
... an ever restorative garden
-- Cheryl Greenfield, September 2010

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! my dear friend- "Anonymous" :)