Thursday, September 30, 2010

And When All Else Fails...

Yes, when things happen
when all else fails
when people say things out of turn that seem to hurt
when eyes fill with salty tears
when yearning compresses the heart muscles
tightly and
feelings emerge
when one hears about a 'word' or 'words'
seeing the definition of someone else's view
their view and perception
for who are they so to define or really 'see'
it behooves one to shower with 'mercy'
forgiving others
and look at the earth and nature
around one to feel the texture
breathe the air
feel what is reality
feel what is there
who are they to define
do they really know or really care?

Green fields and green trees
verdanat growth of things
are still around me
surround me, still

I can reach out and touch
I can breathe in and breathe out
my lungs are healthy and strong
my voice can still speak
and I can control my words and tone seeking
to reflect my inner spirit
self of who I am
in the inner core

yes, I desire more
feelings of wishing
I had indeed done more
but that time is gone
in a mist

there is only now
and present tense
only my inner desire

my dreams are abundant and rich
there is still today
there is still now
there is perhaps a tomorrow
and I have to yet believe
in significance
and in beauty
and in peace
for if not that... then what
for all is so transitory
heart felt desire
true emotions


~Cheryl Greenfield, September 2010

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