Thursday, February 10, 2011


How I have always loved Victoria
   and today in the mail, received three older issues from 1996 from my Aunt Dorothy. From the first issue in in the 80s I was entranced and captivated. The then editor in chief, Nancy Lindemeyer, brought such a sense of taste and beauty. The opening 'Dear Friends' section always featured the lovely water colors of an artist in France, Aude Kamlet, and there was the outstanding photography of Toshi Otsuki... which just sent me to another place in perception from his flawless eye through the lens.  Thus, this gift was so eagerly opened as she mentioned she had some older editions she was sending. Who knew she loved this magazine as I did? When things were difficult and challenging as a single parent of four sons on a tight budget, this magazine was like a dear friend whom I enjoyed a cup of hot tea with : moreover, I  felt like I was having scintillating conversation even though this was reading lines on pages and absorbing beautiful, gorgeous photos and substantially written articles. In fact, I used many images in my design notebook for Art Education. Dr. Moody gave me high marks for my over-all design, but admittedly the ideas rolled and images within my mind and remembered exactly from several stacks of saved magazines I had from the first images. Unfortunately, I loaned them out to someone and they were never, to get this special gift was so heart warming and who would guess the issue with the little girl pictured on the front cover in the plaid dress was one of my all time favorite images-- and that was the first one that appeared to me on opening the large envelope! How precious to me, this gift! 
How important it is to establish connections with our relatives who are older and in other places...they lend us something from ourselves. After all usually we share the same DNA. In this respect, I hope so as my aunt is 81 and has longish flipped golden bob, golden tan, wears a white pair of  capris , white sweater, and white style maker sandals with beautiful pedicured nails! One would never guess her much older than fifty. Something to look forward to, that!  At any rate, it is a way to touch someone. Imagine my surprise to find out she has saved drawings of home designs since I was thirteen years old... that she was ...she said 'astounded' by in that to her knowledge I had not been in homes like that. Well, of course, I had in mental travels at my maternal grandmother's house with all her pristine collections of magazines: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Town and Country, and  , lastly, issue upon issue of National Geographic.

So, the beauty savored today from these issues still in mint condition and a gift from the heart from an aunt who stays in tune with dress, style, and race car drivers. *smiles* 

                     The best sort of gift is personal and related to something you like or enjoy.
                                      ~Thank you, Aunt Dorothy, for this gift and, also, the
                                                          personal card and note within...
                                                                a gift in itself to be cherished!

                                                                     ~Aunt Dorothy~