Monday, August 29, 2011

Weathered Resilience

Muscles relaxed in the warm sun and on the sand
Eyes transfixed on the hues; varying shades of blues
Gulls flying over crying out their delights and peace ensues
after meeting waves of the ocean's power
pulling tangibly and resisting undercurrent
and residual strength renews now.
Dealing with the intangible elements
Past tense ,present tense these moments
periods of intensity and  resistance
Like finding the oyster's shell for instance
mirrored in the sheen resultant pearl
 a treasure cultured by wear
and pure
fresh water pearl
the oyster's gift
in a living organism
to safeguard against the foreign substance,
Life and happenstance
arms en-wrapped  folded against the elements
then spontaneously flung high overhead
Hands reaching toward the sky
 in joyful  expressive resilience
grasping the exuberance
exultation in the moment in this instant 

in a cry of a sea bird, in the finding of a pearl,
in the manifestation of a myriad of senses,
each in their place and substance
holding them to heart qualities formed by resilience
a gift of time and environment
gradation and molding of substance
seemingly indifferent wonderment
wonderment at time's  crucial gifts
 and this substance -- the integrity of resilience!
--Cheryl Greenfield April 18, 2011 Revision of material, August 29, 2011.

--Cheryl Greenfield, April 18,2011   @ copyright material.All rights reserved.