Friday, December 10, 2010

~The Oak Tree

This is a collaboration of two poets...The first ten stanzas are mine
the rest  in the last ten stanzas which follow are from a passion- poet who goes by the name, Gray, on Global Poets . Truly loved how this blended in form and imagery!
The Oak Tree
Oak tree how often have I dwelt among your extensive branches high
Or been near you to gaze at the ridges and bending every outwards upwards
Reaching towards the sky in different seasons bidding one to sigh
In awe at your tenacity, strength and journey onwards
Through storms of rain, wind, and hail your roots stay sound
Old hundred-year-old tree I see your dance in spring
In autumn’s glory, your leaves are solid as bits of new growth
Are ready to take their turn planted within the ground
Beauteous serenity gazing solemn in winter’s white, a large strong silhouette
Tree to embrace lovers beneath
Alternatively, families replete on blanket admiring your élan and stately elegance

Unyielding giver of life... sanctuary for nature’s variable nomadic immigrants
Witness how the masses applaud in wondrous veneration
Hark as all worship thy glory within magnificence
As supremely tall as a young childs imagination
As abundantly wide as a weary pilgrims travels
You, within heavenly starlight are revered
Mother earth’s divinity displayed
Grand orders asset of bountiful harvest
Mighty king of hallowed ground
Oak tree you stand proud... governing all beneath you
Seasons flitter by with destruction and regeneration
But here you stand... immortal combater of the elements

Cheryl Greenfield and  GRAY

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