Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poem~ Corn Cob Hill

~Corn Cob Hill
Perspectives and perceptions
Thoughts and reflections
Out of the intrinsic self
Inner seat of knowing
Or in the not knowing
All depending…
We cherish childhood moments
Child hood remembering
Wishing upon a star dreaming
Or looking frightened at a dark closet
Afraid some monster is hiding
Hovering under our covers
Convincing ourselves
Imagination and imagining frightful things
Moments of blowing bubbles in the air
Flying down a giant corn cob hill
In boxes because a grandfather encouraged all
Fun and courage in good humor
What a reflection retrospectively
Walking over a high spanned bridge high
Over a flowing river
Peering down at the rushing water
That same grandfather encouraging courage
Calling me, “Softie
Due to running fast and never glancing on an object
Running and not running in to things
Gracefully he said back then
Positive reflections and retrospectively
Amusing at all our antics
Motley crew of cousins, other siblings and me
Summer days and adventuring
Playing on a large cement stage the old
Running through the historical grounds
They were the Calvary and I the Indian princess
Where history of the westward expansion actually happened
Catching fish, tad poles, or in the case of my cousin,
Nicknamed, “Pancake” a giant turtle
The corncob hill seemed forty feet high in the air
Behind the old overall factory
Down the rail road tracks
By giant grain elevators
We sled in summer time
Boxes flying down a corncob hill high and flying
Intensely exciting and thrilling
Building intrepidness and courage and adventuring
We finished off the day of exploring
In the abandoned rail road cemetery
Old passenger cars and cabooses
Finally, arriving at the cool fanned drug store
Where allowed to read comics
Of adventure for two hours
Eating ice cream, or having a root beer float
While sitting reading completely free
My grandfather made some financial arrangement
We were in bliss of this moment
Dreams and adventures of youthful fancy
Hugging to self such marvelous memories
Built in character and imprinted graciously
In love of that time and that then, them, and that me
No obstacle too great, no dream too daunting
All and everything beamed possible
Ever grateful ever true
-- Cheryl Greenfield September 2010 @copyright

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