Friday, January 4, 2013

Well, for some unknown reason I cannot access my facebook account; however, I can send them my ID to return. Somehow, this floors me and it is true I use my maiden name which I have access to via divorce, but it is really disquieting to me to explain all of this and send proof to facebook, although I have it!!! Of course!!!!! Still, it is what it is these days. I'm a tad disheartened that it may be due to some report ( and I believe I know the motive and the person). I'm not going back to facebook just yet.  I will miss my friends acquired there through like and loving what they post. It just is daunting to deal with right now while entering a new MFA program in Art History. It is too too and, therefore, I shall blog here and when I have time to do whatever facebook does to restore my account I shall. Oddly enough my pins on pinterest are posted, there, as I post-- who knew?  So, there you have it. I'm "me" and I feel violated by having to prove it. *Groan* 

ARTWORK by "me", a.k.a., Cheryl Greenfield   Spring 2010, pastel