Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~A Thought to Write About

There is a unique and beautiful bed and breakfast in our historical community that has survived over the years due to being aware of progressive knowledge and technology. Miss Pat is a southern gal who moved to the midwest and became the 'grand dame' of a beautiful Victorian home and later twin homes built early days (historic fort on the western territory of expansion in the early 1840's... of the period known as a bit pre Victorian... Actually, it is quite a story and her character and  her own individual persona is unique to the telling many stories... Imagine the stories that no doubt have passed through her home over the years. One such is mine in that she at one time invited me to share my art with forty-five Hallmark artists visiting for inspiration. Unfortunately, I could not attend that due to having been called into work. Still, she was willing back then to lend a helping hand... and I have a desire to share a bit of her personal and  fascinating story; moreover, I  am preparing to interview her. Gracious lady that she is ...she is consenting to let me interview her for a story for a blog that I will tell you about later...  Peacock feathers are a unique feature in her home or were at one time... Will have to find out if they still are part of the decor.  They rather represent a particular colorful beauty!