Friday, September 24, 2010

~A Quiet Sanctuary

A day of simple things
Artist supplies and a straw hat
A hot sultry humid summer day and an art commission
Sitting by a hidden pond
Hidden behind a clever house
Hidden among lush prairie grass
Among a variety of flowers
A scenic path encircled
Nature abundance in an enclosed hidden garden
Outlining a house built by an eccentric biologist
and his late artist wife
For the university biology department
A natural sanctuary of beauty small enclosed
Suddenly sitting there brow somewhat furrowed
While catching a line of perspective
A sudden rush and rustle in the grass and a slitherin
 into the lilly pad covered pond
like a Monet painting
Splash…near me a somewhere serpent
Sitting  very stilly I remained
Only later to observe two  wonderous delights
First two large red Irish setters bounding
excitedly in the pond
 and I laughed at their erstwhile antics
Sitting quietly
Watching , observing
Rewarded later
a gift flying in on the air
an entrancing vision
Two great white horned owls
A majestic couple
Wide expanse of wings reaching
Dove in flapping their massive wings together in unison
Beauty in out line and power of that intangible attribute
Attributed to owls… wisdom personified
In beauty and powerful wings
water splashing eveywhere
light catching the drops flying
I sitting in awe silently appreciative
Quietly transfixed
In this quiet sanctuary
artist astounded by nature and tranquiltity
in observation only
 a silent observer in reflection of  marvelous movement
 in nature
creatiion of a Higher Source of Artistry
Divine creation manifested in their bathing dance
I a lone observer of this  beauty
amazed at the equisite wings
transfixed  by this pair, obvious mates
in harmony
while I a mere passerby for a time
looking on silently
reflections of creation and the intense beauty
vividly imprinted on mind
and in memory
intense beauty of moving
serenity quietly observing
-- Cheryl Greenfield, September 2010

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