Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A music box is inside my mind
melodious tune plays it's meter
sharps and flats, rests...Listen.
Musical organization here.
Time stamped irreversible as old letters with
postage stamps remain a moment; my father's
letters from France in WW ll bear such resemblance
in beautiful script with words in code like 'Nancy'
to indicate to his parents his present location.
My own melody in time remembers back to the age of two toddling in a yard going towards a door;
doorways are significant of time and turning points
as are keys... playing the piano on only black and white? Sharps and flats... yet the melody and the tune in intricate sounds and colorful variety of melodious mixtures of sound weaving
intrinsic and all the other instruments join in.
And there is this in our own music box within. All this
awareness of entering or leaving ...as the music box tune plays it's refrain... the lid opens and shuts like
unexpected knocking on doors; people come and go
some are family, some are friends, or people we do not
ever really know as in just the playing of different tunes
over the wave lengths of memories stored which are
ever reminding us of sense of place and belonging.
People become important to us; yet, often, we are
not important to them... some selfish longing there
or indifference to feelings of who we truly are
Who we are can change ... our personalities
we manifest-- it all depends. Our music box plays on.
Supplication for many who do not get the gist of us
prayer in longing and petition for scars and weaknesses
All, encompass thoughts which beat to the drum
of our heart both physical and figurative,,...beat, beat, beating in repeating varying sounds.
Who hears my plaintive cries or delights in exuberance
Who matters therein? Who really stands there?
What conductor of my soul is there?
What is the melody of an epiphany ? An enigma? A dream?
Who cares enough in the worst of crescendo crisis?
Who soothes our weary soul's at end of day dance?
Smiling lover with whom we are entranced in tune?
Smiling children playing and dancing their childish gig?
All from our internal strands . People are in our music.
The cacophony of places, events, blaring significant
Dancing with the melody of time and space in the 

solace of the mind...
Dancing with tear stained face, dancing for joy
Dancing with bright eyed child-like glee...
wonder and exuberant voice sounding
Dancing through the dark spaces and rainbow places.
Finding the voice whispering of love and rapture
Finding another's melody to capture intensity ...
in that longed for soul mate if such exists?
Who harmonizes with our unique melody...my tune laments?
Would they orchestrate or conduct the melody playing within flashes of kinetic energy in Sforzando?
A conductor of new lyrics or melodies at variance
but blending with our own tempo lulling ever more softly
sense of decrescendo softly pulling at our heart strings
chords and then there are at times choirs singing
unknown energy and there are the rhapsodies like
those letters from long ago... Lyrics written to musical notes,
melodies played on the instrument of our being
and to the tune that is unheard but that which plays;
moreover, the quality of the score and panorama mind's
eye that responds to sounds of that enters in
a plaintive siren calling melody ... or the vigorous moving orchestra unleashing strings, percussion, and the bird like sound of the flutes and horns in sequence?
an ever unfolding sense of eubstance which
holding us captive to our own unique song
we undeniably listen to as the band plays on
or the orchestra ripples through air
So yielding we listen there
our throes of emotions emulating with melodious
melodies enhancing moments with drum like
heart beats pulsating tones as poetry
in rhyme and meter, the vocabulary,
captivating our mind and heart to crescendo.
Dance to the various rhythms
Dance to the integral force actuating our minds.
Listen to our inward yearnings, wistful voices, memories
chords whispering ... played aloud tempo increasing
Dancing emotively, happily outwardly to the eternal tune within!
--Cheryl Greenfield, July 10, 2012 ( just working on various themes here to organize later... a poem in progression only)

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